Powerful Miracle Prayers

Are you sinking so deep into debt that you think you need your very own bailout, complete with a personalized economic stimulus package in detail? Have you tried everything to climb out of the economic rut and yet it seems like your business & money are quickly leaving you? Mary was really feeling down and devastated. It seemed like no matter what she tried, she just had no luck. First, she hurt her back at work and then her husband left her for another woman. Now she was stuck raising the three children by herself for the last four years. Mary prayed but her prayers had some serious problems that she did not even know limited and diminished the results she was getting. In fact, her prayers were an exact example of how not to pray Powerful Miracle Prayers: For example, here’s how she prayed:

  • She prayed without professing any love to God or her humanity.
  • She failed to be thankful and adopt a spirit of gratitude.
  • She failed to visualize and affirm the indwelling presence of God within her.
  • She failed to acknowledge and believe that she attracts God’s blessings.
  • She failed to recognize that God is everywhere.
  • She failed to bless and proclaim love for others in her life.
  • She failed to ask God to use her to touch the lives of others.

And so her prayers sounded more like “Dear God, you know the financial difficulties I’m facing right now. Please help me….Don’t let me fail….Please help me dear God…. If I can’t get help then my business will fail and I’ll have to go bankrupt… Please don’t let that happen. Over and over and over she would pray for help, guidance, and direction in this way but did not know that her prayers had absolutely no power. However, since her business just continued going downhill and her money supply was drying up it seemed clear to her that her prayers weren’t working. Therefore, as I listened to her story, I could clearly see her problem. She was praying, but she was not engaging the use of a spiritual philosophy that would produce Powerful Miracle Prayers. Furthermore, she certainly did not believe in the power of her prayer. Prayer for her was more like a ritual.

What Mary needed most was the knowledge and guidance on how to convert her prayers from ordinary, powerless, unattractive prayers to attractive Powerful Miracle Prayers that really convey the heart and spirit of what she wanted. So she asked me,”Well Peter you’re a real estate investor and a wealth creation specialist, what do you possibly know about prayer?” Honestly, I was really glad she asked that question.

I proceeded to tell her the  truth about how I’ve built my entire business on the power of prayer and how I’m a great believer in the power of prayer since I’ve experienced it in my own life over and over again. In fact, though I’m the founder and creator of the My Well of Wealth website and co-founder of Dynamic Growth Investments Corp my academic background and early lifework and experience are in church ministry. I’m a graduate of Oakwood College in Huntsville Alabama where I studied religion and theology. I’ve worked for many years with church organizations helping them to establish community outreach programs and life-transforming workshops.

I’ve also worked on a one-on-one basis with various individuals and I’ve seen tremendous miracles happen through persistent prayer. So, though I’m a businessman, I’m quite qualified to offer coaching on Powerful Miracle Prayers that generate results. So I’m more than happy to share with you my candid perspective on how to use Powerful Miracle Prayers in your life that can help you attract more business and money. In fact let me make it very clear that I am such a believer in the necessity and importance of using Powerful Miracle Prayers in all areas of life, that I’m including one whole lesson about this in the My WOW 30–Day Challenge.

I promise you that if you utilize these principles in your life through prayer then you will reap rich rewards. These principles of prayer have the power to impact all areas of your life.  By utilizing them you will actually begin to generate Powerful Miracle Prayers that attract results. It doesn’t matter if you have desires, needs or wants in the areas of health, relationshipswork, or your own personal finances. Through the use of this system, you will have access to a method that creates Powerful Miracle Prayers anytime you are in need of them. My intention in this post is not to preach at you but simply to share what works for me in the area of prayer. So here are the Seven Principles to Implementing Powerful Miracle Prayers in Your Life:

  1. I Love You God – Begin your prayer with a declaration of your love, adoration and affection for God. Through this declaration you actually bring yourself into a relationship with God. By aligning your spirit with the Divine Spirit through love and affection you actually participate in the power of that relationship.
  2. Thank You God – Now you actually start acknowledging God as the source and strength of your life. Thanking God and acknowledging God for all the great things and miracles that are already present in your life sets you up as one who has participated and shared in the Divine Power of God. Saying thank you actually opens you up to receiving more blessings from God simply by you acknowledging Him as the source.   
  3. God You Are inside Me and We Share a Oneness – In this part of the prayer you actually come into a oneness with God. You possess and share a union with the source of your life and power. You are not separate and this part of the prayer allows you to acknowledge this about yourself and to powerfully “dwell” in that “Oneness with God.”
  4. I Attract God’s Blessings – Now you do more than merely ask for what you want.  You literally think of yourself as a magnet attracting health, wealth, strength, wisdom and God’s blessings to you. You draw these qualities to you through this part of the prayer.
  5. God I See You Everywhere – With your mind’s eye and with your heart begin to see and declare God’s presence inside the blessings you desire. See God at work in every aspect of your life. See God’s presence and God’s will operating in all areas of life and in every place.
  6. God Bless Whom I Love – As you speak these words, you now take your mind and focus off of your own personal needs and focus completely on others. You  begin to bless family, friends, co-workers and anyone you don’t like or are upset with.  Proclaim a blessing on all you pray for and declare your love for them.
  7. God Let Me Do Your Good Works – Begin to visualize the good you’ll do for God through the blessings you are receiving. Open up your heart and soul to God’s work for you.

Use these seven principles of prayer at least three times per day. Morning, noon and night. In fact, I encourage you to sign up for the My WOW 30–Day Challenge where you actually get a chance to create a plan to eliminate your debts and start building wealth. Use this system of Powerful Miracle Prayers and watch miracles happen in the area of your finances. Wealth creation specialist Peter Baptiste

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Posted by: monica molosiwa

i want to see God in side me and miracle happening in my life because i believe God can bring back what is belongs to mea and change my life to serve him.I want to see myself changed with a husband whom God will bring to me and business which would be big and my sons working in big company.God to help me to not sin no more and be miracle healing happen to me in all incurable desease like hiv,and breast problem i am facing to be free from satan sufferings.

Posted by: Nicholas Ng'ang'a

Dear Saints,
Please circulate my prayer request worldwide so that brothers and sisters in Christ can pray for me and my Great Leap Forward Programme that i have initiated in my spiritual,physical and financial life plus that God will give me a breakthrough in my Education Supplements International non-governmental organization (NGO) work to the glory and honour of His Name.
God bless you!
Kindest regards.
Nicholas Ng’ang’a
Education Supplements International
P.O Box 3305

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