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Welcome Investor

If you are at this site you must be interested in Real Estate Investing. Congratulations! Real Estate investing is a very exciting prospect for investors, because you're investing in hard assets, something tangible.

Real Estate can offer a low risk investment with higher returns than most gic's or mutual funds. Another advantage of investing in Real Estate is Longevity; meaning that the market may rise and fall but in the long run the value of property increases. (especially in the Calgary market!) By visiting this site, we realize that you may be at the beginning of your research into the options available. Research after all, is the first step one must take when entering any good investment.

At GIC we know how important it is to be well researched. It's one of the reasons we spent hundreds of hours researching property values in Calgary over the last 15 years! By doing all this research we can create investment oppurtunities that provide mutual long term financial gain for our investors.

Mission Statement

"Asset preservation is our first priority. It is our mission to create value for our clients and our investors, by providing low risk asset-based solutions that meet the needs of both."