Do You Really Want to Stop Foreclosure Or Are You Just Kidding?

July 31, 2008 by Admin  
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Well I’ve finally gotten to the place where I just have to ask.  Because the truth is I’m just so stunned.  No it’s not a good thing when I get this way.  It’s really really bad and rarely does it happen.  But after seeing so many people lose their homes when they don’t have to I am just beside myself.  It forces me to ask tough questions like “Are you serious about saving your home?” Do you really want to stop foreclosure or are you just kidding?

I’ll never forget Sondra.  She called me on the phone and boy was she ever in tears.  She had about 3 months before the bank would take her home.  Now she said she was serious and wanted to save it.  I said “Prove it to me by following these 11 simple steps.”  Do you think she followed them? Did she even get past step 1? No!  I think she was just kidding.  She was just playing.   What about you? Are you serious?

Come on, let’s be real.  If you are sincere and serious then I can help.  But not if you are only playing games.

Come on now and cheer up why don’t you!  I’m a believer that there is a powerful solution for every problem.  However that solution begins by telling a powerful truth to ourselves and to the world.

So first I’m going to list the same 11 simple steps I shared with Sondra.  I’ve given some of these steps before in various post such as How Can Extreme Action Stop Foreclosure? Also you can find other powerful blogs on stopping foreclosure that have similar content such as American Foreclosure Specialists Can Help

  1. Communicate – Call your bank or lender, take their phone calls and ask to speak with the debt work department. Tell them you need their help to understand the situation.  They might be flattered.
  2. Write a hardship letter – Clearly explain your situation to the court and the lender and explain why you deserve a second chance.
  3. Add up all your debts – Know how much you owe in credit card debt, property taxes, utility bills and arrears on your mortgage.
  4. Clear Up Small Debts –  Start paying off all other debts that are behind or have a balance.  This will raise your credit score.
  5. Get On a Lean Budget – Cut back on excess spending, start saving, find and implement ways to make more money.  It’s free to go to the park.  It costs less to eat in and to invite friends over for games.  Rent movies from the local library.
  6. Get Support From A Coach – Call the hope line 1–888–995–HOPE and get a coach or support person to help you and answer your questions.
  7. Stay In the Light – Do not hide away from life by turning the lights off, refusing to answer the phone or keeping the blinds closed.
  8. Stay Clean – Keep the outside and inside of the house clean and tidy.  This includes mowing the lawn and removing trash.  Enjoy a scented bath or a long shower.
  9. Stay Positive – Do not feed your feelings of fear, shame, guilt or embarrassment.
  10. Stay Spiritual – Pray and trust in God.
  11. Stay Hopefully And Active – Do not simply do nothing and hope the bank would lose your paperwork or forget you’re in arrears.  Dig out an old book or baseball glove.

I’m going to keep this very simple and powerful for you.  Afterwards I’m going to invite you to take the next step.  You might be thinking well how do I know all of this is going to help.  Just trust me and believe that I’m not here just writing everyday on this blog because I have nothing else to do.

I’m really here writing because I want to help and I can help.  I do this because I believe many who read this blog are being helped.  Based on the responses I’m getting in the form of e-mails and comments I know people are benefiting from all the rich features I’ve implemented.

Furthermore I’m so excited about the brand new product I’m putting together this afternoon.  It is a powerful audio file plus a power-point presentation with about 15 proven methods for stopping foreclosure and building wealth.  No I’m not going to charge you anything for it.  I’m going to give it away totally free.

Hopefully it will be available by the end of this week if not the beginning of next week.  Trust me you will be amazed when you see the incredible amount of options you can use to stop your foreclosure and start building wealth.

So if you’re really serious, start today to implement these 11 powerful steps I mentioned earlier.  Now go to my opt-in box and at the top right hand corner of this site and opt-in with your name and email address.  You will immediately get a free download coming to you about how to Stop Foreclosure and Start building Wealth.

I’m creating this brand new product right now so don’t forget to come back and opt-in again tomorrow to download the new product.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure is scary, and the best thing is to write a hardship letter. Please read the rest of my posts for more advice on how to accomplish this.

All the best!

The Foreclosure Doctor (Online)


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